About Imersia

We are a group of experts passionate about making life in the physical and digital worlds more interesting through our new marketing services business. If you have a mobile that knows where you are and knows about you, what would you like to be able to do with it?

We all have a variety of interests and needs, which vary by time of day and day of week. We may have application fatigue from having way too many apps, or we may not have many because we think they are too complicated to use, or just not very relevant or fun.

We are working with a variety of really clever people and smart customers who want to make life easier for everyone with calm technologies that give us easy to use applications. Our markets range from retail to hospitality, tourism and travel, airports through to health, education and play. We take advantage of GPS and compass on the mobile to help people find things that are physically there and Augmented Reality for things we can place virtually.

We are going on an exciting ride that started almost 3 years ago for the original founders (2 returning Kiwis) Jon Lowther and Roy Davies. We on an exciting journey and we would like you to come with us. If you would like to join the conversation or join the ride, watch this blog or contact us at info@imersia.com.

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