How to Demonstrate Products Using Augmented Reality

Last week I received a massive pile of Direct Mail in my letter box. I didn’t even open most of it it. Do you? Marketing and creative people put a lot of effort into creating it, it was printed, packaged and people walked up and down streets delivering it. A lot of effort and cost for manufacturers, distributors and retailers to get our attention and try to motivate us to get into the store.

Warehouse StationeryOne from Warehouse Stationery caught my eye. It was introducing a new letterpress and die-cut system. I thought looking at the picture that it was a binding machine. The more I looked at the ad the less I understood about what was being offered.

As you can see on the ad, they had a live in-store demonstration in Hamilton and Palmerston North on Saturday and this coming Saturday they have one in  Wairau Park and in Petone.

The problem is, I didn’t understand what it is, what it will do for me and therefore why I should spend my valuable time going in to watch the demonstration.

I went to the website and the product is actually very cool and can allow people to create all sorts of amazing things like mixed media cards, bracelets and other things that you can find on their website.

The problem is that it is a difficult concept to explain and very difficult to do on a letter box flyer.  It may be an awesome product, but I didn’t get that from the flyer and it wouldn’t get me into the store. What would?

Imagine if you were to point your Smartphone, your iPhone or Android at the picture of the Creativity System in the image above and then the video below started playing on your mobile. Now all of a sudden I am getting an idea of what this actually does. I’m not sure I would use this product, but I bet my daughters would love it, whether it was for home craft projects, or creating business gifts or invitations to business events of their own.

The next step would be to tap on a Warehouse Stationery icon, which would show me where the nearest demonstration was available or simply where the nearest store is that I can go to an view or buy the product.

Augmented Reality and video sell the sizzle both in the way of accessing the information and the delivery. The location based element lets me find where I can buy the product once I’ve become excited about it. Tell me how to get there. I love cool gadgets. Now you can have video from a piece of junk mail and I’ll bet if you had this experience, you would be more likely to go and check it out.

Did you see the junk mail? Did you understand what the product was? Did you go to the demonstration? Would you use an AR app like that to find out more about a product? We have good news, we have the technology to enable this sort of marketing and help you sell more products.

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About Luigi Cappel

Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand

2 responses to “How to Demonstrate Products Using Augmented Reality”

  1. Harold Gardner says :

    Our world has become complex for marketing folks because there are so many channels. Creating the right message for the right customer at the right time through the right medium is the challenge. AR will attract some customers and intimidate others. You have to know your target market.

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