Wishing You a Disruptive and Happy New Year For 2013

So the world didn’t end, but you already knew that. So what of 2013? Are you going to have a new year, or are you going to repeat the old one? 

Does that sound flippant? Actually at Imersia we think its really important. We’re coming back early because we have big plans for 2013. We are going to help innovative companies disrupt their industries using the latest in technologies including Augmented Reality (AR) and Location Based Services (LBS).

At the end of the year we saw some interesting things happen. We saw Fairfax sell its shares in TradeMe and it was interesting to see that buyer support was high. NZ Post sold its shares in Datacom. ANZ Bank sold EFTPOS New Zealand.

Consultants Sinclair Knight Merz predicted that by 2021 the average rush hour commute speed into Auckland would be around 6km per hour. There was hope offered by Auckland Transport that if there was a rail tunnel that could see commute speeds increase to 8km per hour. Now there’s something to look forward to.

Long BayMeanwhile the rumble of earthmoving machines signifies the reach of urban sprawl as it cuts through the edge of suburbia with another 2,500 homes being constructed at Long Bay. Some excited people will be moving into their new homes in 2013 and the good news for developers is that demand is high. This is also of course great news for all of those industries that support the construction industry. New shops will open in the area and Auckland continues to grow.

It may seem like I was digressing, but what I’m talking about is decay and growth. The print media industry is an example of businesses that face major decline. For over 100 years advertisers have fuelled printing presses and news barons have made hay. Now so many of us have smartphones and tablets and don’t need to buy newspapers and magazines. According to Newspaper Death Watch, Google alone now rakes in more advertising revenue than the entire US print media industry.

Does that mean that the print industry is dead? Only if they don’t reinvent themselves. We often talk about disrupt or be disrupted. if you visit our Facebook page you’ll see that we are very excited about Augmented Reality and you’ll find some examples of how some smart players in the print industry are using this to reinvent themselves and add relevance and excitement back into their medium, from the India Times to the Guinness Book of World Records. Did you think people only had entry level phones in India? The India Times AR Alive app had over 250,000 downloads on the first day!

AR is only one of the technologies that we are involved with but it is one we are very excited about and if you do anything in print, brochures, junk mail, newsletters, posters, newspapers, magazines, product labels, books, why not have a chat with us about how we can help you make them come alive in 2013?

We are involved in many projects in many industries including wayfinding, mobile applications, machine to machine (M2M) communications, sustainability, education, music and entertainment and of course retail, travel and tourism. We have been brainstorming and developing concepts and consulting to companies of all sizes, from small NGO’s to multinationals. We want to help you. Want an unfair share of your market? Want to grow or will you snuggle into Business As Usual and accept a decline as part of the natural order of things?

If you are spending January working on your 2013 business plan, we’ll be around and keen to talk with you about how you can be a disruptive profitable force in your industry. Email us at info@imersia.com.

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