Swedish company uses drones to capture 3D models of towns…

Ever wanted to see what your house looks like from above?  Or include your office block in a 3D zombie game? How about printing out a 3D scale model of your house – an excellent Christmas present for Aunty Ethel?

Well, now’s your chance…

Swedish startup Spotscale has knit together a system using drones, still image capture and video transmission, photorealistic software and 3D printers to build realistic models of structures that can be used in civil engineering, architectural renovations, construction projects and other big jobs.

“By using custom helis, we can add new interesting combinations of sensors and maximize efficiency in the collection process.” Emgård  added. The “helis” are flown within line-of-sight of their operators, who control them via remote control.

5 Turbo Characters The Snail Hunt is on at NZ Westfield Malls

It’s school holidays again in New Zealand and we have been collaborating with 20th Century Fox and Westfield Malls to create a new Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt for Westfield Kids. You role in the hunt is to help Turbo the snail find his pit crew. You can download the free app by following this link on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, or scan the QR code on the entry form that you can pick up at the Westfield Mall information center.

Who Knew Snails Could Be So Cool?

Who Knew Snails Could Be So Cool?

In order to win your instant prize you have to collect the snails in correct order. Point your mobile camera at each poster and the characters will magically appear as if out of thin air and will talk to you.

These are location based games and you will note that the application knows (with your permission) which mall you are in and also knows if you are completing the treasure hunt in the correct order.

Turbo Snail Hunt

Turbo Snail Hunt

During week days, Westfield have ambassadors on hand between 11 and one who are helping people download the app and for those kids who need a little more assistance, they will show you how to find the missing snails and win prizes.

Augmented Reality is a great way to engage children of all ages. its magic!  Check it out.



VW shows off iOS augmented reality repair app for XL1 concept car – Apple Insider

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VW shows off iOS augmented reality repair app for XL1 concept car Apple Insider German automaker Volkswagen today teased a new iOS-based augmented reality application for technicians working on its XL1 concept car to be shown at the mid-October…

Imersia‘s insight:
There is never the right manual available when you need it. Image recognition can make life so much easier for field service people.Let’s lead the way with some solutions that will really help you save time and money.

AR in the Automotive Industry

InsideAR, Metaio’s Annual AR conference is attracting some big names this year, not to mention some interesting topics, just showing how seriously the industry is taking AR now – here are a few teasers:

Cruising the Augmented City: Mercedes-Benz Presenting Prototype as World Premiere at InsideAR 2013

Mercedes AR

Mercedes-Benz will come to InsideAR to present a world premiere: The first fully-functional prototype of an In-Vehicle Infotainment System using augmented reality. In his keynote Markus Hammori, Manager HMI Architecture and Instrument Cluster at Daimler AG, will explain why augmented reality and cars work great together and why the time for implementation is now.

Metaio & Audi AG Release Interactive Augmented Reality Manual for Audi A3

Audi using AR

The Audi eKurzinfo app is available in English, German and Japanese, but at the moment not in the US and not in the Chinese App Store.

In the future, Metaio sees visualization technology decreasing the need for lengthy, costly and complex user manuals. Car owners should be able to access information instantly and directly from the car itself.

„After the remarkable success of the first version of the eKurzinfo application, we are very glad to continue our partnership with the Audi AG. We see a very high potential in the field of interactive service applications. For the future it will be possible to retrieve the information which are relevant in a certain situation”, Dr. Thomas Alt, CEO of Metaio.

Standing Room Only at Social Media Club #SMCAKL

It was standing room only at the Auckland Social Media Club evening last week when word got out that that Imersia was going to be talking about our Augmented Reality projects and Mark Billinghurst from Hit Lab, who worked on the Google Glasses project was not only gong to be talking about them, but would be bringing some along for people to try out.

Augmented Reality is not something that is typically thought of in social media circles, at least in terms of business as usual, but who hasn’t seen the cool videos where you get face recognition, take photos at the wink of an eye and get navigation with real time traffic, by saying ‘OK Google’ and telling your glasses where you want to go. My first reaction when the courageous committee at Auckland Social Media Club decided to hold an event focusing on AR, was “I hope this isn’t too high tech for the usual crowd”.

At 10 minutes before start time at 6PM the room was barely half full and I was thinking, “Well, we will at least give some WOW moments to a select group.” Then 15 minutes later 250 seats were full and the crowd at the back of the Vodafone V.nue was about 7 deep.  This was going to be a great night!

Mark Billinghurst expounds on Pervasive Social Media

Mark Billinghurst expounds on Pervasive Social Media

Mark Billinghurst of Hit Lab NZ, got the crowd’s attention when he started talking about pervasive social media and the ubiquitous phone. He shared some of the vision and some of his experiences in working with Google.

A lot of what Mark shared with the crowd was about things to come, but I think that the overwhelming POV was that this is no longer the world of The Matrix and science fiction, people did in fact see themselves buying and wearing Augmented Reality Glasses in the future and the price in comparison to what people are paying for Smartphones today, isn’t that crazy.  For now though, it was about understanding what they can and can’t do and what the interface is like.

A highlight of the evening for many was getting a pair of Google Glasses on their heads, trying out the functionality and taking selfies.

Imersia CEO Jon Lowther and CTO Dr Roy Davies followed with a veritable tag team bringing us back to today and the exciting things that we are doing right now in New Zealand with experiential marketing.

As TV3′s Steve Simms said on Frontline when he was talking about the Imersia partnership with 20th Century Fox for the Epic movie in Westfield Malls around New Zealand, these exciting Augmented Reality games and adventures are happening now, in New Zealand, developed by a local New Zealand company. This is now.  Jon and Roy showed off examples of projects that are happening today.

Ready to pounce

Ready to pounce

They talked about the Augmented Reality virtual cat that we are developing and which is ready to pounce into a supermarket near you, showed off Finga Footy and showed the audience that these are opportunities to get involved with now.

If I’ve whetted your appetite to know more, our multitasking friend Jam videoed the presentations and you can watch Mark, Jon and Roy here.

The panel

The panel

There were many questions for the panel and Vodafone had to resort to flashing the lights on and off several times to indicate t the audience who were sold on the concepts, that it was unfortunately time to call it a night.

Finally for those who weren’t able to join the select few who got to try on the Google Glasses, like Imersia team member Mark Wilcox, Mark mentioned that there are a few pairs for sale on eBay for around $6,000!

This was an excellent night and if you missed it, you should check out the video and be inspired by the passion and Kiwi ingenuity, because this really was educational and exciting.

The fun is of course only just beginning and if you want to try out some AR for yourself, get to a Westfield Mall for the next school holidays and have a Turbo experience.

I hope you remembered to give the Google Glasses back Mark!

Mark Wilcox and others of the select few, trying out Google Glasses

Mark Wilcox and others of the select few, trying out Google Glasses

Is Augmented Reality Marketing’s Sleeping Horse For 2014? | blur Marketing

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Interactive everything: between Google Glass, Disney’s Aireal, and new improved smartphones this time Augmented Reality is for real. (Is Augmented Reality Marketing’s Sleeping Horse For 2014?

Imersia‘s insight:

There is a point in time when the number of people having suitable devices reaches a critical mass. With somewhere around 60% of people in countries like NZ and Australia alone having compatible smartphones, the time is now.

There is a point in time when we educate the public and show them that this technology works and is fun and that time is now.

There is a point in time when we can educate brands and agencies and show them that this technology is available here and now, that they can gain first mover advantage to engage with customers win business and show their leadership. That’s what we are doing today.

There is a point in time when you will have a WOW moment and realize that you should and can be on board for this journey. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now! info@imersia.com

Ready or not, the Programmable World is upon us

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We live in an age where household objects can now intelligently communicate with each other via wireless protocols (RT @Gagan_S: Ready or not, the Programmable World is upon us: http://t.co/xd5f3YL6Ma...

Imersia‘s insight:

Welcome to our world. Underlying the gamified location based infrastructure we have entities we call Smartpoints. These are generally location based, able to provide access to information based on who you are, where you are and your context.

It might be playing games, such as a treasure hunt. It might be proximity based marketing, or access to location relevant information such as the history of a building, monument or locality.

These Smartpoints also have the ability to communicate with each other in many powerful ways. For example a water depth sensor on a pacific island atoll, could activate specific alarms and contact certain people’s mobiles, should the sea level rise above a certain level (taking into consideration natural wave cycles, tides etc. This could in turn trigger a transmitter at a higher location, that then send the information to the international Tsunami Management Center.

When a door in your home is opened and the alarm has not been deactivated, it could trigger a system that not only sends an alert to your mobile (and/or the monitoring company, but also locks all internal doors, sets off an audible alarm and starts flashing all the lights in the house on and off, disabling othe controls until the alarm hsa been turned off.

Whilst there are many individual systems that can do one of these, what Imersia wants to do is have as many as practical contained in an intelligent environment. We do not want you to suffer the death of a thousand apps.


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